If you’ve ever really searched for a true definition of Love this inspirational article from Modern Day Mastery co-founder Julian Kalmar just might have you closer to finding one:

Our highest purpose in this life is to learn to love, and to learn to do so in ever greater measures.

10 Million Clicks For Peace is an example of what can happen when one person strongly desired to help two other people who happened to be in a war zone. It is a good example of love in everyday life, and an illustration that we are far more capable than we think we are of loving on a larger and more magnificent scale.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, it is possible for you to experience love in greater measure. But, we cannot discover how to do this unless we first ask “How?”

And then, we must learn to recognize under what circumstances we should ask, so that we are most likely to see an answer that we can clearly recognize.

In my case, I did not set out to help create peace in the world. Instead, I was filled with great concern for my two friends, one on each side of a battle between nations. Bombs were being hurled from each country towards the other.

I had tried both friends by email and by phone, but was unsuccessful in reaching either one. After worrying about them for half an hour, lying awake in the pre-dawn hours of July 15th, 2006, I finally asked the darkness out loud, “What can I do to make things better?”

The instantaneous answer that was posited in my head, was “10 Million Votes For Peace.” In that moment, my worry was transformed into hopefulness.

I knew it meant somehow using the Internet to find 10 million visionaries who understood that the world could be changed for the better, even if I didn’t necessarily know all the details of how it would come to pass at that very moment.

You must ask, “How can I make things better?”

A key point in this story is that 10 Million Clicks For Peace would never have existed if I didn’t ask how I could make things better for my two friends. I immediately started working out who I knew that might be able to help, and quickly sent an email to a new friend I’d spoken with only two days earlier.

Would he respond to the vision I’d been given? I didn’t know.

When the phone rang at 6:42AM that morning, it was clear Rick Beneteau was more than a little moved. CNN had faithfully delivered the latest gory details of the violent bloodbath into Rick’s inbox. The news nauseated him.

From amongst the hundreds of daily emails Rick received, the Universe had set the timing just right so that my email would land immediately after the one from CNN, and my message spoke to Rick in a quiet way that reaches the spirit. Nineteen hours later we had a whole team whose members unanimously responded to the vision the same way. The thing had momentum.

A few days later, I finally did hear from both of my friends in the war zone, and I was of course elated and relieved. Could I simply have stopped and gone on with my former life? I could, but I had heard a higher calling that might literally help millions of people in need, and so had the entire team. The project would continue.

Pay close attention when the Universe gives you a nudge.

I’d like you to think about and pay close attention to those times in your life when an idea comes, when you feel inspired, or when something just seems right, because it’s the Universe giving you a very subtle nudge.

One that can completely alter the beauty and quality of your life experience. Let’s say that you recognize one of those “nudges” and awaken to the glimmering possibility that you have something to contribute. The questions that might occur to you next are, “Could I really make a difference? Can I really do this thing? Is it really possible?

How many times have you been nudged, and responded to those questions with the sense that you were powerless, or that it wouldn’t work, or that people would laugh at you, or that you didn’t have time, and so on?

Your future is defined by how you respond.

It is these very moments that not only define your future, but also determine how much love you are capable of receiving.

Let’s talk about love for a moment, because it was a deepening of my understanding of love that is the gift I received, and the one I would now like to share with you.

Love = Connection

My gift was to learn that the definition of love is simply “connection”. The idea that when we become one with nature, with people, with animals, with ourselves, we feel connected, and it feels good. It’s the Universe speaking to us that this is the path, the path of light.

When we connect, we discover that our limited perception of “what’s in it for me” is simply the most meager way of looking out at the world. To love is to connect most fully with life, and with all things of value.

Having recognized a nudge, and being aware that the nudge could be one of the most beautiful opportunities of the life you know, the next question is what to do about it. The difficulty we must confront is the devastating question, “What is possible?” or, “Can I do it?” How you answer determines your future.

Perhaps you remember an experience like this:

You’re vigorously arguing about something with the full belief that the other person’s point of view is impractical or “impossible,” when suddenly they reveal a tiny fact that makes you realize you didn’t understand what they were saying. In the process, their “impossible” point of view suddenly became possible. I’d like you to remember this concept because it is only a tiny fact or two that converts the impossible, into the possible. Tiny facts are like this. They can open impenetrable doors.

Tiny facts convert the impossible to the possible.

Likewise, those Universal nudges might seem impractical or even impossible at first, but when exposed to a few tiny facts, you may discover a new life and new hope for yourself and your future.

Is cancer a death-sentence, or is it a small reminder that your dietary choices control the functioning of your body?

Are your finances really hopeless, or is the Universe whispering, “Listen, do you remember your old passion, the thing you always wanted to do? It is time. The path you were on is wrong. I am here, but you must discover a few tiny facts.”

Are your relationships on the “road to disaster, or is a small still voice saying, “You know the better way. Follow what you know to be true. There is love and light beyond these surface details.”

What is possible at every moment is distinguished from the impossible only by a few tiny facts, so you must heed Universal nudges and immediately seek out those missing facts.

“But my dreams are too big, or seem so impossible,” you exclaim. This is where love comes in.

Love is connection

By connection I mean that you, by yourself, might not see all the possibilities. But what if you weren’t alone? What if by connecting with other people, you—together—could see more possibilities and accomplish far more than by each of you working independently?

By working in harmony with other like-minded people you could certainly accomplish far more!

That makes sense. But what would you have to do to get other people to help you tackle what seems to be impossible?

A projected vision brings all the help you’ll need.

The answer is “vision.” If you want to take on the impossible, you’ll need help, and that help is already waiting for you out there in the Universe. Many writers and philosophers have come to awaken to words that go something like this:

You are never given a vision without also being given the power to make it happen (to paraphrase Richard Bach).

Here’s how it works… Inside every human being is a collection of desires, hopes and dreams. We are all much more alike on the inside than we realize, and, because of this, my dreams will often overlap yours. We want many of the same basic things.

Of course, we don’t let people know all the things we want, and sometimes we get so busy with life that we lose sight of what we want. Nevertheless, the people we pass on the street are filled with hopes, desires, and dreams that lie silently within their hearts, and many of their dreams never get awakened. They lie unfulfilled, and they die with their owners.

Vision awakens people’s hidden desires.

While this is sad on the one hand, there is tremendous opportunity here for people who know a tiny fact about awakening dreams and converting the impossible to the possible. It’s a secret that will change your life and the way you look at the world. All those silent, unspoken dreams can be awakened suddenly and without warning when a magnificent vision is projected into the hearts and minds of others.

A vision is much more than an idea. It is a powerful searchlight that shines into the dark recesses of the heart and lightens the being as forgotten dreams receive new hope that they might suddenly find a way to thrive and become fulfilled.

Just as a red rose is not red in a darkened room, but only becomes red when a light shines upon it, so too will a silent hope suddenly burst forth with dazzling color when the powerful searchlight of vision shines into one’s heart.

People will stop their lives to help you.

The idea that you can project your vision into the hearts and minds of others, and produce in some of them an intense desire to help you fulfill your vision is astonishing. People will drop what they are doing, change their schedules, give you their time, their resources, everything they’ve got, to help you fulfill the promise of your now shared vision.

Why would they do this?

Because the longing of their hearts, of their spirits, says that the vision is of the highest form of beauty. It is the right thing to do. It is what must be done above all other things they previously considered important in their daily lives.

If the Universe nudges you, the time is right.

When I shined the light of my vision for 10 Million Clicks For Peace into the hearts of a few friends, they all responded the same way. Each was inspired to a different degree, but each stopped their life to help create the promise of the vision. The promise was magnificent, and they saw with eyes beyond their own, that a certain beauty lay ahead, that the world as most people knew it was completely malleable and could be shaped to give hope and light to millions of people.

The time was right. It was time to change the world. If you will do the projecting of the vision into other’s hearts, they will help you fulfill it. In the process, your passion will increase as you see it reflected back from their hearts.

The important part is that by understanding that all sorts of help is out there and available to you—hidden away in people’s hearts and minds—you can convert what seems impossible into reality.

Find a need for love and fill it.

So let us finally turn to the most personal of all. Let us look at our most basic need, a need that can go unspoken for a lifetime. It is the need for each of us to be loved, to connect with others and receive their appreciation simply for who we are. More than anything else, what drives all our other desires is the need for love.

What would happen in your life if you listened to a Universal nudge one day, one that drove you to extend yourself to others through a powerful vision of what could be? It doesn’t have to be a vision on a grand scale. It can be the simple act of choosing to pay closer attention to your child, your brother or sister, your parents or grandparents, a friend, a co-worker, or even a stranger.

Choosing to be kind and gentle, seeing beyond the surface details of turmoil to awaken to another’s most basic need for love, is a simple vision. However, do not devalue your vision because it seems simple, and surely what is simple must be of little value. This would be the worst mistake.

Love is simple. To listen is simple. To choose to understand is simple. To see beyond the surface of another’s frustrations that are thrown off as anger and all other manner of negative expressions, is also simple.

Vision is granted to us that we might see what is simple.

I challenge you to be simple, to ask how you can help when faced with a problem, to listen to those Universal nudges when they come into your mind, to understand that only a few tiny facts are needed to convert the impossible to the possible, to share your vision with those around you, and to allow others to play a part in that vision so that they might fulfill their deepest hopes and dreams and make their own little corner of the world brighter and more hopeful than ever before.

Be of good cheer in all your dealings, offering kindness and gentleness to everyone, no matter how the surface details are presented, and remember that we are all connected. Through that connection lies the secret to receiving the most fundamental currency there is—love. It flows in greatest abundance to those who will simply give it.

Thank you for helping spread love and make peace possible.

©2009 Julian Kalmar

Rick Beneteau
Julian Kalmar is co-founder of Modern Day Mastery.
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