If you’re like us, you would love to see more peace in our world. And we wouldn’t be surprised if you have a strong desire to actively contribute to the creation of a more peaceful planet.

But the desire to create a world of peace–and the ability to make it so–are two very different things.

The “Dream” and the encouragement to “be the change” are potent starting points, but creating peace takes more than desire alone. We also need to take practical steps and actions if we want to create peace within ourselves–and in the world.

It can be hard to know which techniques will have the most impact and make the biggest positive peace-filled changes. If you ever wonder what you can do to bring more peace to your own life, your relationships, community, work–and into the world–I encourage you to join us for the Summer of Peace.

That’s why we’re so excited to let you know about the Summer of Peace –a FREE 3-month series of virtual and in-person events that will empower you to create peace from the inside out.

Get all the details here:

The Summer of Peace features a diverse range of inspiring peace leaders, including Chief Phil Lane, Jr., Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, Nobel Peace Prize-winner Jody Williams, author of the Charter of Compassion Karen Armstrong, world-renowned social healer James O’Dea, youth peacebuilder Jamira Burley, singer and songwriter Deva Premal, international forgiveness expert Azim Khamisa, author of a new grand strategy for the U.S. Col. Mark Mykleby and many others.

Plus, when you register you’ll receive instant access to the media library from last year’s Summer of Peace, which mapped peace from the inner to the international. This inspirational content includes interviews with over 120 peacebuilders, including Arun Gandhi, Alice Walker, Jack Kornfield, Hollywood star Marilu Henner, NFL football coach Pete Carroll, spiritual leader Matthew Fox, Civil Rights activist Bernard Lafayette –to name a few.

The Summer of Peace Summer of Peace 2013 Virtual Summit and the 2012 media library are the most comprehensive audio library of peacebuilding resources ever assembled–and it’s all available to you for FREE!

You can listen to the Summer of Peace calls from the comfort of your home or office–and access to both the live calls and media library are completely complementary.

We hope you will  join us, and the tens of thousands of people from all over the globe for the Summer of Peace and help bring even more peace to this beautiful world.

Many blessings,

Julian Kalmar and Rick Beneteau

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