Have you noticed the huge shift happening in the world these days? How, largely through the power of the Internet and social media, people are raising their collective voices and stepping up to make this a more kind, more loving and more spiritual world? Are you being pulled in the direction of spirituality but are wondering how to become spiritual?

If this is the case, then I extend my appreciation and welcome you to “the shift!

As a starting point you are probably asking yourself, what is spiritual development? wondering just how to develop spirituality. So, let’s start exploring.

The dictionary definition of spirituality has it: predominantly spiritual character as shown in thought, life, etc. Well, that doesn’t help much so allow me to share my personal definition of spirituality expressed in the context of Conscious Mastery:
Conscious Mastery is the awakened control of one’s heart, mind, thoughts, feelings, and spirit, to accomplish a particular task or mission as part of a greater service.

To me, true mastery and spirituality are synonymous and require an inside job and an outside expression, working in tandem and designed to help bring this world to a higher and more beautiful place. The journey is one of not only discovering one’s real passions and true life purpose; it’s about ultimately discovering one’s life mission – that great thing we were put on this planet to do – and putting it to work in the world. And this journey starts with an exploration of spirituality. So then, what are the steps to spiritual growth?

There are many paths up the mountain, however, there is one fundamental must-have technique you must master. You must be able to connect to Higher Guidance. You need to be able to silence the extreme noise of life and in that silence tap into the same pool of wisdom all great masters, both past and present, have in order to take next steps. That connection may come through religion, prayer if you will, or meditation, but no matter how you connect, that will be the only way you receive your next steps. In other words, you must get silent enough inside to hear that “still small voice.”

One thing I know to be true is that we are all travelers on the same mountain at various points on the path. That said, I want to share the story of a fellow traveler, one which I believe will inspire you because, well, if this person can suddenly become spiritual and start changing the world, anyone can:-)

A man I met seven years ago underwent a most miraculous personal transformation. See, you probably wouldn’t have liked my left-brained friend very much because he was focused on his analytical thinking and physicist background having worked at NASA in the jet propulsion field for a number of years, earning big bucks as a programming consultant. It took a serious accident, five unsuccessful spine surgeries and three years of laying flat on his back in dire pain for him to realize that he was, well, happy! That’s right, after having life as he knew it stripped away with no apparent hope for the future, he discovered he was happier than he’d ever been in his life! So happy in fact, he started going down the path of making others happy!

That man, Julian Kalmar, and I – I was a rather well-known Internet marketer and turned him down twice when he asked for my help to promote the happiness product he created – in 2006, founded the humanitarian project called  10 Million Clicks For Peace, endorsed by people such as Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu; Chicken Soup for the Soul books co-founder, Jack Canfield; spiritual author Deepak Chopra; and, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Arun Gandhi, among many others.

And this became our expression of spirituality or more accurately, our expression of Mastery, in the world.

So, the best way I can suggest possible next steps for your spiritual growth, is to have you listen to this great man because as I said, if he transformed his life in such a miraculous way, so can you!

Watch his video as he offers you a “doorway” to a most extraordinary life – a life of continual spiritual development and spiritual growth – a life of Conscious Mastery! Click here or on the image below…

My great wish for you is to take steps to spiritual growth, find your Life Mission and change the world!

Yours, in spiritual development,

Rick Beneteau

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