Have you ever come across this powerful quotation from John Milton, “Nothing profits more than self-esteem, grounded on what is just and right?” Imagine this being written in the 1600’s!

This is powerful because it ties the concept of self-esteem to doing what is “just and right”, which really means how to become a better person. Let’s dig a little deeper into how to build self-esteem.

You must have asked yourself the question and even searched something like, how to improve yourself, many times over the course of your life. We all have. The reason we do this is because it is our nature to discover ways to improve ourselves and become a better person. And when we are a better person, we build self-esteem. Make sense?

Here’s a little story.

Without getting into detail about an annual ritual of mine, I had my oldest grandson take a train to visit me a few years ago – his first such adventure at 10 years-old – a few days before Christmas. Upon disembarking, I told him about some secret “special errands” I do at this time of year and I asked him if he would help me. After explaining my little “Santa Clause” trip, which included buying some food for homeless people, he agreed to help and handed me the 20 dollar bill his mom sent up for his spending money as his contribution. But I told him to hang on to it and wait until we got to the grocery store.

We headed to the first stop, the Children’s Aid Society, where we met with a female director who explained to my grandboy how they helped children and families in need. I then had him give her the blue Nintendo DS I had purchased in advance, and she said she would give it to a special boy who had this exact thing on his Santa list for the past two years, and would otherwise not receive his Christmas wish again this year because the family could not afford it. That fine young gentleman of mine had his first taste of giving that day and need I say he got an extra shot of self-esteem!

It’s what happened next that was special though.

Our second stop was the grocery store where we loaded up two big shopping carts with turkeys, frozen vegetables, jellied cranberries, tomato juice and sweets – my yearly order from the Salvation Army for their Christmas Eve meal for homeless men. While getting our goodies rung up the cashier exclaimed, “you must be feeding an army!” I replied, “Well, yes we are as a matter of fact” and the three of us smiled although only two understood the humor. After being handed my change, my grandson realized he hadn’t given me his money to help pay for the groceries, again flashing his 20 dollar bill in front of me. I told him we’d deal with it later. Later came sooner as we passed, of all things, a bell-ringing Salvation Army officer on the way out of the store. He took his twenty dollar bill and proudly put it in the kettle!

His face was beaming and remained so throughout the last part of our journey as we lugged the load to a most grateful staff at the Salvation Army hostel. I can assure you of this; that experience went a long way to building self-esteem and a better person in a special little boy.

Self-esteem is not just for kids. Many of us seek it in our adult lives because we received so little as children from uninformed parents and teachers. The secret to having consistent, unfailing self-esteem is to focus on becoming a better person by helping others. You cannot not feel good about yourself when making others feel good! Just ask my grandson:-)

Assuming this makes sense to you I want to share something that someone shared with me and my partner, Julian Kalmar, on a conference call a few weeks ago:

My whole perspective has changed… I’ve finally woken up… my life has incredibly more meaning… I wake up every morning and I feel excited… my life’s got meaning, it’s got depth, it’s got passion, it’s got excitement… it’s so profound, it’s amazing, it’s like a miracle… it’s affecting everyone around me, I can see it… there are times I am so excited… I can’t even sleep!

This person is a student in the Modern Day Mastery program and as you can clearly tell, she has certainly learned how to build self-esteem. More than that though, her life has been totally transformed!

If you’d like to up your game and take helping others to an entirely new level, I strongly suggest you watch a special video that Julian created just for you.

Click here or on the image below…


My great wish for you is to become a better person and build your self-esteem!

Yours, in making a difference,

©Rick Beneteau

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