Have you asked yourself, perhaps at many points in your life, the important question:
How can I be a better person?

We all have, and the reason we keep wondering how we can become a better person is simple: it is our nature to discover ways to improve ourselves. If one of your personal development goals is to learn how to improve yourself, read on.

Self-improvement expert Anthony J. D’Angelo said: “Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement.”

We should strive to improve all aspects of our lives – our belief systems, our relationships, our health and our finances. Self-help and personal development seminars are filled to capacity with people seeking motivation to improve their lives. The single reason why millions of people who attend these events return home motivated to make changes in their lives but quickly slip back into old habits and patterns – and soon are eager to sign up for the next seminar – is that motivation is temporary. Let me repeat: motivation is temporary!

One of my recent quotes has it, “Motivation temporarily invigorates an unchanged person. Mastery vigorously transforms that person.”

It was Albert Einstein who wisely stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So, why do we continue to do all the same personal development stuff that really doesn’t give us the results we seek?

If one of your personal development goals is to experience a deep, personal transformation, and you have never experienced anything of the kind after attending personal growth seminars or reading self-improvement books or taking self-help courses, then you need to look at another option. That option, dear reader, is something called Conscious Mastery.

The definition of mastery, Conscious Mastery in this case is: the awakened control of one’s heart, mind, thoughts, feelings, and spirit, to accomplish a particular task or mission as part of a greater service.

Yes, this is the next level of personal development and the surefooted path to transforming your life in the most amazing way. Not only will it help you achieve your personal development goals ie: changing your belief system and improving your relationships, it will help you create the permanent changes in your life that will, indeed, have you become a better person!

Imagine waking up each morning excited to get to work on making a huge difference in the world. Imagine feeling totally energized through the day as you watch your positive impact unfold helping others to become better people. Imagine being so excited about experiencing this again the next day, and the next, that you’re hardly able to sleep!

This is what someone shared with me on a conference call a few weeks ago:

My whole perspective has changed… I’ve finally woken up… my life has incredibly more meaning… I wake up every morning and I feel excited… my life’s got meaning, it’s got depth, it’s got passion, it’s got excitement… it’s so profound, it’s amazing, it’s like a miracle… it’s affecting everyone around me, I can see it… there are times I am so excited… I can’t even sleep!

She is a student in the program known as Modern Day Mastery and as you can clearly tell, she has certainly become a better person. More than that though, her life has been totally transformed by Conscious Mastery!

If you’d like to improve your life and take it to an entirely new level, I strongly suggest you watch a special video I created just for you.

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How to become a better person


Yours, in becoming a better person,

©Rick Beneteau

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