There’s plenty of buzz about “awakening” these days. Spiritual Awakening is what I’m referring to. People want to know how to become spiritual and how to develop spirituality. So let’s take a look at what spiritual awakening means?

To me, spiritual awakening means arriving at a point in your life where you are open and receptive to learning how to become spiritual by becoming a lifelong student of all things greater than we are – the Universal truths that are waiting to be invited into our lives.

My online spiritual program, Modern Day Mastery, received an email from someone interested in our 9-month transformational course. He so strongly felt  he was already “awakened” and just needed the very last part of our course, without knowing what we offered to further enhance his life if he took the entire program.

He totally closed his mind to the possibility that we could teach him something on the spiritual path that could create new awakenings and perhaps shift his direction in life, even a little. In his mind, he reached some pre-determined plateau on some scale of spirituality that I’ve yet to see. He was immovable. A real “mind”, or “ego” position to take as opposed to being open to the possibility there were more spiritual discoveries on the horizon if he could only be open as a true student of spirituality.


Let me ask you: do you feel your life is heading in a more spiritual direction? Have you been wondering how to become spiritual and how to develop spirituality? If you answered yes to these questions, you are certainly not alone:-) And that, dear reader, is a great thing!

Let me try to expand your thinking…

The dictionary definition of spirituality has it: predominantly spiritual character as shown in thought, life, etc. Well, that doesn’t help much so allow me to share my personal definition of spirituality expressed in the context of Conscious Mastery:
Conscious Mastery is the awakened control of one’s heart, mind, thoughts, feelings, and spirit, to accomplish a particular task or mission as part of a greater service.

To me, true mastery and spirituality are synonymous and require an inside job and an outside expression, working in tandem and designed to help bring this world to a higher and more beautiful place. The journey is one of not only discovering one’s real passions and true life purpose; it’s ultimately discovering one’s life mission – that great thing we were put on this planet to do – and doing it in the world.

There are many paths up the mountain so to speak, however, there is one fundamental must-have technique you must master. You must be able to connect to Higher Guidance. You need to be able to silence the extreme noise of life and in that silence tap into the same pool of wisdom all great masters, both past and present, have in order to take next steps. That connection may come through religion, prayer if you will, or meditation, but no matter how you connect, that will be the only way you receive your next steps. In other words, you must get silent enough inside to hear that “still small voice.”

One of our students said this on a recent teleconference call:
The most important thing it’s done for me is that I feel I am now able to get Higher Guidance specifically and in detail for any part of my life so I can get access to my blueprint for my life as it evolves. You know, I can’t really express the difference that I feel and I knew a lot before but it’s actually been assimilated and it’s changing how I live and that is definitely affecting other people too so I’m just enormously grateful and looking forward with great joy and excitement to what’s going to happen next.

So, the best way I can suggest possible next steps for your spiritual growth, is to have you watch a special video I had made just for you!

Click here or on the image below…

My great wish for you is to take next steps to spiritual growth by remaining fully open and receptive in order to become a lifelong student of spirituality.

Yours, in spiritual development,

Rick Beneteau

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