Have you ever combed through online greeting cards looking for that perfect message for a loved one unable to find the perfect card?  Perhaps the next time you’re looking for free greeting cards this inspirational poem from Modern Day Mastery co-founder, Rick Beneteau, might be just what you’re looking for. If you find “If I Were” the perfect message for a loved one, click on the link at the bottom to download a printable PDF with our compliments.

If I were a mountain path, I’d be the trail you blaze.

If I were a valley, I’d be the fertile ground from which you could see the mountain top.

If I were a grain of sand, I’d lie in the footprint you left for others to follow.

If I were the sun, I’d be the glorious sunrise upon which you gaze.

If I were a tree, I’d bear delicious fruit on branches that would shade you on summer days.

If I were the moon, I’d be the light that illuminates your darkest night.

If I were a wave, I’d be the swell that lifts and propels the vessel you sail.

If I were the wind, I’d be the gust that firmly presses against your back.

If I were a flower, I’d be the bud that bursts into bloom before your eyes.

If I were a butterfly, my wings would light gracefully on your shoulder.

If I were a cloud, I’d lift a rainbow to fill your heart with joy.

If I were a song, I’d be a symphony that moves your soul like no music before.

If I were a thought, I’d be the happiest thought you’ll ever have.

If I were a wish, I’d be your fondest dream come true.

©Rick Beneteau

Looking for a free printable greeting card? Download a beautiful PDF version of “If I Were” here.

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