Have you been feeling a ‘tug at your soul’ lately? Have you been asking yourself questions like “why was I born?” and thinking “there must be more to life”, feeling that you are different than most people, that there “must be some greater purpose for my life”? These thoughts and feelings may just mean you are ready for what is called a Spiritual Awakening. Read this spiritual article to discover if you’re ready for next steps…

How many times in your life have you felt at odds with the world? You know, that you are somehow different from, and seem to view the world differently, than everyone else around you?

Specifically, you’ve always believed in the potential for a different world – a kinder and more beautiful world with almost childlike wonder – knowing deep inside you have a role to play in its transformation. You might not know exactly what that looks like but just the “knowing” that you were put on this planet to do greater things is “gnawing” at your soul. In other words, you are beginning to experience first moments of a Spiritual Awakening!

Your reality though is that most of your friends and co-workers don’t “get you” and neither might your own family. And while everyone else around you seems content living their daily eat-work-sleep routine lives, you are restless. And often, you feel alone.

Let me ask you this then: how many times has this feeling of being at odds with the world stopped you from finding out what that great thing you were born to do really is, sadly blocking you from actually doing it?

I know in my deepest heart you can relate to everything I just wrote. You wouldn’t be reading a spiritual article like this if you didn’t know there was a ‘greater purpose for my life’. Even if you’re somewhere on the path to discovering a purpose driven life – and what a beautiful journey that can be – my intention is to have you start to look beyond that discovery to see what lies over the horizon.

And what lies over the horizon is nothing other than bringing your true Life Purpose forth into the world. It’s called your Life Mission.

Let’s get back to the conventional world for just a moment.

There’s much buzz about balance in today’s fast-paced, too-much-information world. You no doubt receive reams of self-help email offering products so you can put your compartmentalized life back into balance. While what amounts to re-organizing the hours of your day and week to pay attention to each area of your conventional life, time management will do little to allow you to step up to discover your great gift to the world. In fact, it prevents you from doing so! Here’s why…

I bet if I asked you to start writing a list of people, both past and present, who are having or have had a major impact inspiring and changing the world, people like Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Michelangelo and perhaps Bono and Oprah would appear on your list. There will be many others but the point is if you examine their lives, and more importantly, their Life Missions, you will come to the conclusion that they live their lives extremely OUT OF BALANCE as the self-help world would have you believe! Their total focus, their selfless dedication, their unwavering commitment, their tireless work schedule – in other words, their Life Mission IS their balance!

I had a very eye-opening experience a few months ago while I was editing a Modern Day Mastery class video listening to my partner Julian speak about The Stance of Love. My huge AHA came when I realized that most everything I did in my adult life – from operating a drycleaning business, to writing/producing/promoting music and deserving talent, to working on charity projects, to helping people build their online businesses, to co-founding 10 Million Clicks For Peace and now, especially with Modern Day Mastery – there was always some level of a love-driven mission (a Life Mission if you will, as imperfect as that might have been at any given time) at the core that put me out of conventional balance and at odds with most of the people I was close to in my life. Suddenly it became crystal clear to me where I was operating from and why so many relationships in my life had suffered as a result!  Until this light-bulb moment, I only considered myself as they did… odd:-)

Those of us blessed to have a Life Mission as the focus of our lives need to be out of conventional balance to be in true balance with our Life Mission. That is worth repeating…

We need to be out of conventional balance to be IN true balance with our Life Mission.

The world needs us to be! And I don’t mean to say that we need to remain at a distance, or even lose relationships with those we love, but we will need to change the nature of our relationships in most cases. We will need to be able to convey to our loved ones that we now possess that most precious gift any person could ever be blessed with – a true Life Mission. That our life now stands for something greater than ourself. That we are full-focus, full-force committed to our Life Mission in the service of, and for the betterment of, humankind. That we will continue to love and honor those in our lives… but in a new, different way.

What you’ve just read, and hopefully absorbed, is a practical look at starting down the path of a life of Conscious Mastery. There is much more involved in this grand transformational journey like learning the amazing ability to connect with Higher Guidance, however, most people will never arrive at the start of the path until they recognize and acknowledge they are different. That they were born to do so much more than what they are doing now. That they truly desire deeper meaning and greater happiness in their lives. And really, they crave rewarding fulfillment! This, dear reader, is the first step to Spiritual Awakening!

If any of this sounds like you, know that the first requirement is courage. The courage to take the next step and be willing to live an unconventional life. It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, “Fearlessness is the first prerequisite to a spiritual life.”

One of our students in the Modern Day Mastery program said this on a recent teleconference call:

My whole perspective has changed… I’ve finally woken up… my life has incredibly more meaning… I wake up every morning and I feel excited… my life’s got meaning, it’s got depth, it’s got passion, it’s got excitement… it’s so profound, it’s amazing, it’s like a miracle… it’s affecting everyone around me, I can see it… there are times I am so excited… I can’t even sleep!

If this kind of full Spiritual Awakening is something you desire in your life the best way I can suggest possible next steps is to have you watch a special video I had made just for you!

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©2013 Rick Beneteau

Rick Beneteau
Rick Beneteau is co-founder of Modern Day Mastery.
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