If you’re looking for the perfect free printable online card for a loved one, Modern Day Mastery co-founder Rick Beneteau’s The Richest Soul might be a great alternative to the free greeting card sites you’ve been searching through. Rick’s inspirational poem about gratitude has inspired thousands over the years and may just be the kind of motivational message someone in your life needs. Please click on the link at the bottom to download a printable PDF e-Card with our compliments.

The Richest Soul

He set out on a journey
To find the richest soul
To ask of them one question
How did they become so.

He’d yearned for fame and riches
Throughout his pauper life.
Obsessed to learn the secret
To end the years of strife.

The night he left he kissed his bride
And squeezed his children’s hands
Vowing he’d return the richest
Soul in all the land.

But fruitless months turned into years
As he traveled far and wide.
At every mansion and castle gate
He was abruptly turned aside.

Discouraged and dejected
He finally turned towards home
To find famine claimed his family
Their names now etched in stone.

He fell upon their gravesite
With a silent, tearful plea
And was answered that the richest soul
Had all the time been he.

©Rick Beneteau

Looking for a free printable inspirational card? Download a beautiful PDF e-Card of The Richest Soul here.

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