In a world where we, as adults, so often are quick to judge, we need to be diligent to teach children about the harm of judging others. Judging is a root cause of bullying along with low self-esteem. We sadly see, almost daily, children commiting suicide because of bullying. We posted about teaching children self-worth earlier this week and today we add to the subject of teaching children life skills a lesson, in the form of a motivational children’s song, called The Beast, written by Modern Day Mastery co-founder, Rick Beneteau, and Larry Thompson in 1991. Please play this inspirational kids song for your children or grandchildren and sing along with the lyrics below!

The Beast

There was an old man who lived down the street
The kids on the block all called him The Beast
Said his house was haunted, strange things happen there
I believed every word, every warning – beware!

My mother would tell me to never go near
My curiosity grew but then so did my fear
Then one day I took so daring a chance
And hid by his tree to catch just a glance

He was old, he was tall, his hair wild and gray
His face deeply wrinkled, seemed he never shaved
He caught me staring and I ran like the wind
Never stopped once til I was home safe again

Since that day I put him out of my mind
‘Til that one stormy and terrible night
I went to curl up with my new puppy “Cheers”
He was not to be found he had just dissappeared

I threw on my raincoat and ran up the block
Crying “here Cheers, come on boy” no answer I got
Then a feeling of terror just swept over me
Would I have to go down to that end of the street?

The thunder grew louder, the lightning more bright
His house just a shadow, a frightening sight
All I could hear was the pound of my heart
And from inside that house came the sound of a bark

I trembled and shook as I walked past his gate
But I had to save Cheers from a horrible fate
I stared in the window but what did I see
Cheers all curled up fast asleep on his knee

And the face of the man was so lonely and kind
I knew then those stories about him were just vicious old lies
When he came to the door with Cheers in his arms
I was no longer afraid
He said “don’t worry laddy your puppy is safe”

Now Cheers has grown into a strong handsome dog
And each day after school we go out for a walk
We go for a visit to that house down the street
To the nicest of neighbors that I’ll ever meet
To the gentlest old person I once called The Beast

© 1991 Rick Beneteau/Larry Thompson
Lauric Songs BMI

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