During 2008 and 2009, 10 Million Clicks For Peace offered their free Inner Peace Program to it’s members. This successful teleconference program offered a variety of methods you can use to achieve greater personal peace, reduce stress, and generally improve how you interact with the world. Many of the programs include a powerful peace meditation while others had a guest present an inspirational message to the listeners. In the event a guided meditation is featured please do not be doing such things as driving a car or operating machinery as a full eyes closed process is required.

Below is the audio from the August 5, 2008 Inner Peace Program with meditation expert, Egan Sanders. You can read more about Egan below the play button.


Egan Sanders – is an intuitive counselor, coach, lecturer, teacher, event organizer, publisher, environmentalist, and author, whose writings have appeared in several publications. Assisting others with discovering tools to grow personally and spiritually is his passion. Egan seeks to make a lasting and significant contribution to others by sharing effective, consciousness-raising techniques. He has an extensive background in yoga, meditation, energy healing and many other disciplines. Egan presents personal and spiritual growth workshops across the United States and Internationally. His first book, The Magic Box, was released in 2008 by Agne Publishing. Visit Egan at
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