This post and inspirational song first appeared in the 10 Million Clicks For Peace blog here.

From the website:

Together We Can Change the World, Inc (TWCCTW) played a major role in bringing over an African Youth Choir called SIFA. All of the children are AIDS orphans. The goal was to raise money for the children to take back to Uganda in order to finish building their orphanage and to build new homes for them to live in.

Their six month tour was a tremendous success. Everywhere they went people just fell in love with them. A very good friend of TWCCTW, Mark Shepard, wrote a song that describes the heart of what we do and why we built this company. Before the SIFA Choir left to go back to Uganda, we were able to get them and a young lady named Rilee O’Neill into a recording studio to lay down this song so it could get placed on an upcoming SIFA project and promoted by us.

TWCCTW continues to raise and donate funds to build orphanages and help abused children around the world. Our goal is to put millions of dollars into the hands of non-profit organizations of all kinds. This song speaks right to the heart of our message to people everywhere. You can become a part of this mission too. Please watch the entire video. Thank you.

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