This post first appeared in the 10 Million Clicks For Peace blog here.

What a fascinating way to spead love and hope out into the world! Global Love Letters was an idea acted upon by founders Simon Paul Sutton and Miguel Freire. It has started a grassroots movement that is spreading worldwide and putting smiles on faces and joy into the hearts of thousands as unsuspecting people discover an anonymous love letter written to them in the strangest of places.

Sound intriguing? Check out their video below and visit their site Then get out pen and paper and start writing and delivering your global love letters!

Why drop an anonymous love letter?

• To shift the energy from pain to love
• from struggle to flow,
• from closed to open,
• from unconscious to conscious,
• from unaware to aware,
• from lack to abundance,
• from separation to unity,
• from nobody to everybody,
• from alone to all one,
• from asleep to awake,
• from suffering to elation,
• from dis-ease to ease,
• from not enjoying your experience to celebrating every moment,
• from not knowing who you are to being ok with not needing to know,
• from impatience to peace,
• from needing to letting go,
• from wanting to receiving,
• from conditional to unconditional,
• from expectation to allowing,
• from judgement to compassion,
• from being dissatisfied to gratitude,
• from sad to joy,
• from resistance to acceptance,
• from disconnection to connection to all that is……….

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