Imagine a huge upheaval in medicine that alters the whole way we look at disease, how our bodies work, the role of genes and the process of aging. It would be BIG, wouldn’t it?

Yet such a huge earthquake has pounded the foundations of medical science in just the last few years and not many people, as yet, have realized the full extent of what is going on. Not even doctors!

There is so much happening in this field that some of the developments are so startling, you might almost say “shocking”. What I’m about to discuss today with you, certainly is one of the most far-reaching and profound shifts in scientific medical opinion since the development of the germ theory of infectious diseases.

What has emerged is that bacterial genes can tell our own cells what to do.

The old idea that only human genes can tell human cells what they can and cannot metabolize is just frankly downright wrong! Bacterial and viral genes function just the same as human genes; they make us sick or healthy in just the same way!

Suddenly, the old saying, “You are what you eat” becomes, “You are whatever is going on inside your guts!” You need to learn this new language of health fast!

In our intestines are a vast population of organisms, which collectively share several trillion genes.

Compared to that, our own feeble collection of about 25,000 genes is just simply outgunned!

But it’s BIGGER than that. Those microbial genes are part of our own genetic make-up; they are part of us, not just organisms living on us and in us!

It engenders a whole new way at looking at how disease comes about, how genes work and the importance of inflammation in our defenses and in the process of aging.

Bacterial and other microbial genes from our guts tell our bodies how to behave, just like human genes do.
That’s remarkable. It is counter-intuitive and doesn’t seem right, in the natural order of things. You would think only human genes can tell a human body what to do. But it just ain’t so; so get used to it. Our little troop of hangers on and assistants have as much control over our bodies as our own DNA does (maybe more!)

Another Brain!

If that’s not enough, it’s also about having a whole second brain in the guts, something so shocking and surprising, that most doctors and scientists are still reeling from its implications.

Our “second brain” has all the same neurotransmitters and just as many neurons as the spinal cord or peripheral nerves. In fact 95% of the body’s serotonin is found in this gut “brain”, which thus affects our moods, actions and performance.

Take Action & Extinguish the Deadly “Fire in the Belly”

We now know there are innumerable genetic incompatibilities with foods in our diet. Everyone is different.
So forget standardized diets, such as the Atkin’s diet, or even the blood-types diet and metabolic diet. None of these are necessarily right for you. Yes, they work sometimes but not consistently.

Even the healthiest diets make some folks sick. The thing is, I’m not even talking about so-called junk-food. Inflammatory foods are almost all good, plain whole foods; the sort of thing you would never suspect of causing potentially lethal damage.

Douse the Fire of Inflammation with Antioxidants

As we live and breathe tissue destruction is almost inevitable. This is because free radicals are flying around while inflammation is taking place.

You may have heard me saying, in other publications, that rapid-fire oxidation (using dreaded free radicals!) is actually how the immune system works. White cells “zap” pathogens with reactive oxygen species, most notably hydrogen peroxide, and then ingest them.

The presence of a plentiful supply of effective antioxidants is essential, to keep the body from injuring itself with these free radicals.

This is even truer when inflammation is calling up lots more free radicals. Thus we would need extra anti-oxidants when inflammation is present. It would be expected that supplementing antioxidant power would actually lessen the signs of inflammation and, in fact, this is exactly the case!

A study published in the journal Biofactors in 2004 showed that certain antioxidants effectively reduced inflammation. Of the substances tested, quercetin was by far the best at this, followed by alpha-tocopherol (a species of vitamin E). Beta-carotene wasn’t much use.

These findings indicate that dietary antioxidants possess significant anti-inflammatory activities, and quercetin is the most potent antioxidant of those tested.

Foods Rich in Quercetin:

–  Apples – In addition apples have a compound that boosts physical endurance.
Capers – Have the highest concentration of quercetin per 100 grams
Lovage leaves (raw) – sometimes called sea parsley. However don’t eat if you’re pregnant or suffer from kidney problems.
Chamomile Tea – drinking chamomile tea can reduce and prevent the onset of diabetes

By adding these Quercetin packed foods in your daily diet, it is one simple way you can repair your cells and douse “fire in the belly” and rebuild your body today.

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