Are you ready to discover your calling? Or become a household name? Or meet the love of your life? Then rip up your scorecard, baby. Sit at the doorstep of Creative Possibility. Step into this uncorrupted moment, and allow your years, disappointments, and opinions to disappear. Call it Zen. Amnesia. Surrender. The Zone. Whatever lingo works for you. Because as a career and an inspired success coach, I know this breakthrough strategy works. It’s this: I have the willingness to allow things to work out, even if they haven’t worked out before.

Let’s face it. The eager run through open fields and meet new opportunities. The beleaguered trip on daisies. They call it “experience.”

Recently I coached Julie, a psychotherapist who had three hot new prospects call her in the past week. I felt excited for her. But I noticed Julie’s tone was as flat as my kitchen table, well, as flat as my kitchen table is, underneath a small mountain range of piles. She could have been telling me about historic weather patterns in downtown San Diego.

“Yeah I’ve seen this before. There’s a little spike of interest and then it dies down,” she said. Suddenly I felt my interest die down, plummet actually. I swear I could feel the stars in the evening sky recede. Her tone, momentarily, turned my enthusiasm into a shade of shame. It was as though the adult had stormed into the room and told us to stop jumping up and down on the bed.

Of course Julie had her reasons for staying cautious and a bit deflated. She’d had “experience.” I envisioned attorneys wheeling in their case files and documents, exhibits and evidence. Her reasons took up a great deal of room in her heart and in our call.

“You know, this time doesn’t have to be like the past,” I said softly. “Yeah, I don’t want to get my hopes up,” she remarked. “I’ve been down that road.”

And that’s when I knew we stood at the threshold of change— or in quicksand.  Julie was no longer in present time. There was no future available to her. She was on a “road.” Only what had happened in the past could happen again. And the more she guarded her heart, the more robotic she became. I sure wouldn’t sign up for psychotherapy with her.

I wanted her to get those clients. I wanted her to surprise herself. I wanted her to feel a dream come true and then another one and another one. I wanted her to be free. And most of all, I wanted her to show up for her current life with love. I wanted her to meet her life now and have her real life meet her back with the stunning generosity I knew was available.

Creating or soaring in the work you love is about getting off the “road.” It’s about getting back in touch with the electric, magnetic, invisible stream of continuous possibility. You have never been in this moment before. It’s a wild arrogance to assume a static world. And when you enter this moment with excitement and love, you change the possibility of every possibility. Learning lessons from experience is wonderful. Learning to be jaded is not. True “lessons” empower you. They don’t limit you.

Stay innocent. Forgiven. Unconditional. Untainted. Curious and alive. Be the one who shimmers. The world is glutted with the predictable. It yearns for the dynamic.

Turn your back to the world’s statistics, predictions, and noise and turn your heart toward the silent knowing that only you know. Your true work is not of this world. It comes from a wellspring of power beyond limits and conditioning. Do not limit an unlimited flow with your artless assumptions and conclusions about the past. This is not about getting our hopes up…but keeping our creative conviction strong. We will have what we need. We do not know the timing or the form. But we are always in a new circumstance, always standing on glittering, holy ground.

Receive the gifts of the moment, even if it’s just interest in your business that doesn’t pan out yet. Resist the temptation to allow the past to shape or foreshadow the potential of the present. Dare to not know. Dare to show up with your lights on.

Personally, I’ve employed the most awesome business guru, for the price of dog chow. My dog Emerson is the best teacher I’ve ever met for staying true to desire and nothing else. He is part black Lab, part Bassett Hound, and yes, as ridiculously adorable as that sounds. He is a climate of joy. He has never lived life based on the past— that would be training–and he has no use for that. He’s an in the moment guy, kind of like a surfer dude doing a mash up with the Dalai Lama, who turns into a meth addict when he sees something he wants.

For example, he tries to get on the bed. I tell him “No!” He backs off. It doesn’t crush his feelings nor does it apply for more than 60 seconds, as in that command was so 59 seconds ago. He doesn’t think this order is “how things work” or a reflection of his worth. He doesn’t call his therapist, though I have no idea what he tells his friends at the fire hydrant. He simply leaps on the bed again. I tell him “No!” but he’s not thinking “This is how it’s always going to be. I’ll never get on the bed. I bet Lassie got on the bed. Why didn’t I have parents who could get me into the movies…” It’s just a matter of time. With his relentless enthusiasm and my inevitable distraction, my Velcro pet manages to get himself on the bed. I look over at him, curled into the bliss of a hedonist. He makes my seen-better-days quilt look as captivating as rich dark chocolate or a chiaroscuro lit side street in Paris. I melt. I encourage him to stay on the bed.

Master guru that he is, he’s taught me a lesson in peak performance. All he did was stay in touch with his singular desire and try again. And again and again and again. Every moment presented a new set of rules and conditions for him. Anything else, would be training.

By the way, Julie called back each of her three prospects with love for the work she does–and each of them signed on to work with her. I kid you not. She has a new track record. She has a new future. And it’s all because she has a new tape in her head. It’s this. Anything can work out right now.

Refuse to be trained. Stay innocent and alive. Remember, you have never been down this road before. There is no road. There is only desire or lack of desire, “experience” or innocence, mad magic or mad magic about to be revealed.

Copyright © Tama Kieves  All rights reserved.

Tama J. Kieves is the bestselling author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!) and is a sought-after speaker and career coach who has helped thousands world-wide to discover and live their true work in the world. Visit her at www.ThisTimeIDance and sign up for free inspiration and support through her monthly e-newsletter or download her Free Transformational Report on “Finding Your Calling Now.”
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