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Remember in our twenties, when the grocery store seemed the perfect place to meet your soul mate. Well, times have sure changed for me!

Now a regular old trip to the Safeway provides an optimal opportunity for a full-blown spiritual experience, seriously…

I had another grocery store out-of-body experience recently—that’s right, at my local grocery store I often experience mystical moments or rather deep feelings of connection with the deli counter server, the produce man and the bagger.

While it is true that grocery shopping is not typically at the top of my list as a rip-roaring ball of fun, and yet, time after time, as I enter the store in purposeful surrender and gratitude of the necessity and capacity to feed my beloved family, I open myself to the magnificent current of life found there and everywhere.

During one such experience, perhaps psychotic episode to some, but now for me often the best part of any day no matter where it occurs, I chatted with the cashier and observed her closely.

What I perceived brought a tingly sensation across the top of my scalp, breathlessness to my chest area and tears to my eyes—the tears not because I felt pity for someone having to do what may appear to be a mundane job to many people, but because I felt in the energy between us a timeless place where we are eternally connected.

Yes, in the here and now behind the physical masks, it can be difficult to detect the true oneness that belies all of life, but I am here to say that this type of paranormal perception is indeed possible for each and every one of us, and not only in Eat, Pray, Love style, but as a natural occurrence within our everyday reality.

More and more, many people are desiring some type of personal spiritual practice as a treasured aspect of their week—meditation, gong baths, workshops, yoga—all fantastic gateways to the divine, but for many unrealistic as a continuous option throughout a normal day.

In other words, YES the hour and a half in the downward dog opens us to a larger perspective, but as we move further away from the mat, we slowly lose our sense of peace and calm, especially when we have to grocery shop much later in the day.

But in my years on the spiritual path, I have come full circle to realize that the true path is no path, but simply my life lived consciously and well (Tweet-worthy!) —spirituality in action—not something that is saved for specific endeavors that society deems elevated in some way.

A spiritual practice comes to encompass our way of being in the world—towards ourselves, others and LIFE in general.

In actuality, there is no mountaintop to climb, but simply a typical neighborhood street to savor and delight in.

While everyday life can sometimes seem status quo at best and downright drab at worst, the inner experience of it can shine light in even the darkest crack.

If we can really see what lies right in front of our nose beyond the surface of a first glance, a whole new shiny world becomes readily apparent—YES, even while standing in line at our local grocery store.

And If we really want to get crazy, try a long line at the post office during the holidays just as the sun goes down at 4:30pm.

If you can pull off feeling the Oneness there, then give me a call, because you have just stepped into true master status!

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A modern bridge between the mainstream and the mystical, Annie Burnside, M.Ed. is a soul nurturer specializing in conscious relationships and spiritual development. Her first book, Soul to Soul Parenting, won the 2011 Nautilus Silver Book Award and the 2011 Independent Book Award.
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