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We came across a very special recording artist a few weeks ago. Unknown to us but not to her legion of fans, Russian-born Marina V has been making a name for herself across the globe.  She describes herself in this way: “If the Beatles and Tori Amos had a child raised in Russia by Tchaikovsky, that would be me.”

The song we heard had a wonderful message so we decided to contact Marina and ask if she had a special song about peace and change that we could offer our readers. She responded with the song you’re about to hear, in a video, simply called, “Hope.” When you’re done watching you can download a free copy of “Hope”.

Check out Marina’s website, listen to her brilliant music and see the latest news.

Marina’s biography appears below the video.

Russian-born singer/songwriter Marina V is a young and charismatic pop artist with an incredible life story and a “hauntingly beautiful” sound (L.A. Times).

Marina’s music is “melodic and passionate” (The Washington Post), which, combined with her “voice of an angel” (The Prague Post) and her rich cultural background, makes this artist truly special.

“If the Beatles and Tori Amos had a child raised in Russia by Tchaikovsky, that would be me,” muses the piano-playing chanteuse, describing her musical influences.

Now a true California girl, the red-headed songstress grew up in the center of Moscow, blessed with a beautiful voice & long last name (Verenikina.)

Raised by a communist nuclear physicist father & a psychologist mother during the difficult times of the Soviet Union collapse, Marina attended a school of music every evening after regular school, and has written songs since early childhood.

When Marina turned 15, she won a prestigious scholarship and came to America, by herself. Somewhere between visa issues, crazy odd jobs, missing her family, playing ice hockey and attending University in Illinois, Marina began pursuing her musical dreams by touring and self-releasing her music, and, upon graduating from college, moved to Los Angeles.

Since then, Marina has blossomed into an international voice, relentlessly touring & performing at venues worldwide, ranging from Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre & the American Embassy in Moscow to clubs from Paris to Sydney.  She’s worked with legendary producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith), recorded at the home studio of Graham Nash and was interviewed by Senator Bill Bradley, who praised Marina for her work as a cultural ambassador.

Marina’s songs have been heard by millions in films, ads such as PEPSI, video games and on TV, from NBC and CBS to OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and National Geographic. She’s written many songs for NBC’s Days of Our Lives and even appeared singing on screen.

Marina’s fans have been instrumental in Marina’s success. In lieu of a record label, her fans have sponsored every one of Marina’s albums. She raised $30,000 via for her last album, MY STAR (produced by the renowned producer, Guy Erez (Gipsy Kings), which went on to win an award from Sir Bob Geldof for its first single, You Make Me Beautiful.

Supported by her loyal fans, Marina is getting more and more recognition each day. The environmentally-conscious self-described cultural ambassador is always on tour, connecting with her fans and inspiring people with her amazing music, unusual story & beautiful spirit.

She is getting ready to release her new album, INNER SUPERHERO. The second single, RUN, has already won an LA MUSIC CRITIC Award in early 2013.

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