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We came across an amazingly talented artist who is using her gifts and her art to make our world a better place. Her name is Marcela Carvalho and these are her words:

The purpose of my work is to heal, empower and inspire. My job is to help an individual to connect themselves through art. Working with the cancer patients at Continuum Cancer Centers of New York at Beth Israel Medical Center, I taught the basics of painting technique and design guiding the students to connect with their artistic selves. The results were a fantastic art exhibit and a journey through art creation that they will cherish forever. The students requested a certificate for their art accomplishment at the end of their 5-week workshop which I was proud to sign for.”

She went on to tell us, “My work express the essence of my deepest emotions, feelings and states of mind, translated onto abstract or figurative forms. I see art as a way to alignment with the soul, and every individual should have access to his own creation in the world where time is of the essence.

Watch this beautiful and inspirational video Marcela created using her own piano composition and please visit her website at:

Visit Marcela’s site at
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