The following school assignment was written by Modern Day Mastery co-founder, Rick Beneteau’s, 13 year-old grandson, used with permission, of course:-)

I come home from a long day at school and rush right for my phone. Instantly, I log into my Instagram. My phone rings and I answer it.

”Hey, do you wanna hang out today?” says my best friend.

”No sorry, see you tomorrow.” I say. Because I’d rather sit at home on my phone then hang out with my friends. After that, I flip on Netflix. There I can find all the movies I want without even leaving the couch. When I finish my movie, I start reading my book. Half way through the first chapter, I realize that they have the movie of this book on Netflix. Now I don’t have to use my brain to image what’s going on.

This is the typical 21st century teenager. All of this new and fancy technology is making kids and adults anti-social, lazy and a lot more unintelligence. We use far too much technology. If you look at the many bad things technology is doing to our world, don’t you think we should use less of it.

People are becoming too antisocial. We spend all day with our eyes glued to T.V. screens, phones screens, and many more. That then leads to people not getting enough sleep because they spend all night on their electronics. Which brings me to this, all we do now-a-days is go on computers, phones and play video games, that we hardly have a conversation with someone not over text. The only time kids and adults actually talk to each other is at school or work. Even then, you are always doing work. Some adults might even go days without seeing another person face-to-face. Occasionally, there is that one person that actually goes out with their friends. Those people will only look at their phones the whole time. They would hardly talk. Shouldn’t we live in a world where people can communicate, not over the Internet?

Technology is making society extremely lazy. All we do is go on our electronics and hardly go outside. Now, people are getting so lazy, they can’t even visit their own family members. The people in your family are more important than not wanting to drive or fly a few hours. Another thing is, kids and adults aren’t getting the right amount of physical activity to stay fit. All kids want to do is sit on their couches and watch T.V. and play video games. This turns them into slobs that do nothing all day. Kids need to go out and play with their friends and go on bike rides. Not spend their whole summer inside on their couches. Adults also aren’t getting the right amount of physical activity. They just want to stay at home and watch Netflix. This could lead to unemployment and a lot of other depressing things. Speaking of Netflix, people aren’t taking the time to go out to the movie theaters ever since Netflix started. They just want to sit on the couch eating junk. A lot of people are getting addicted to it and that’s all they do is just watch movies on Netflix. Technology is turning healthy people into unhealthy people. Do you really want you and your kids to be unhealthy slobs?

Lets face it, technology is making us more unintelligent. We are turning into stupid zombies. If we need and answer to a question, we just Google it and forget it. If you read a book, you would at least remember the end of it after a month. Which brings me to this. People aren’t reading books anymore. Instead of reading a book and imagining what’s going on, you can just watch T.V. and do nothing with your brain. We depend on technology too much. We depend on it to keep us entertained, keep us healthy and a lot more. That then leads to people not using their brains to their fullest extent, therefore, lowering their I.Q. If technology is making us so unintelligent, why do we use so much of it?

If technology is making us anti-social, lazy and unintelligent, why do we use it so much? I think that soon, technology will ruin our lives. It’s time to take a stand and not become slaves to technology. It’s time we start making a change and use less technology.

©Cameron Wilson Grade 7

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