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Co-founder, Rick Beneteau, who used to make his living writing and producing music in the 1980’s and 1990’s, has created a new membership site that brings back the good ‘ol days, and, will help support the efforts of 10 Million Clicks For Peace.

Saddle up, because this is some pretty awesome Nashville-created country music! BUT, SO SO much more!

If you’re in a hurry, just click here.

The short backstory is this…

A hometown singer started making it big in Canada in the mid 1980’s. Rick, whose songwriting career was kicking into high gear, sent Jules some of his songs. He never received a reply but six years later received a phone call from Jules asking him to help get his country music career established in Nashville. They teamed up and headed to Music City in 1993 and the rest of the story – which is pretty awesome to say the least – and what happened 21 years later, is revealed here:

The community they created, called Jules’ Living Room, is very impressive. Not only do they feature the music Jules and Rick wrote and recorded, they also feature Rick’s mainstream pop music (some recorded by famous recording artists) and what amounts to one of the largest collections of spirit-building, inspirational and spiritual materials youve ever seen designed to make your life more peaceful! The best part is that they are supporting the sheltering and feeding of the world’s forgotten 21 million war refugees donating part of the proceeds to 10 Million Clicks For Peace!

So, my call-to-action for you is twofold:

1. Join this awesome membership site (there’s a 7-day FREE trial and you won’t be charged if you if you don’t feel it’s for you and cancel), and

2. Share this on social media and by email with your family and friends. Not just once, but once a week for a month! You can do that right from the site!

You can let Rick know you joined and what you think about the community by emailing him at:[email protected] He’d LOVE to hear from you!

Thank you for considering another opportunity to give the world a helping hand!

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