In this inspirational article, motivational author Steve Goodier shares a key piece of life wisdom about how every day is preparation for an even greater day. Enjoy!

You heard about the sign posted on a rancher’s fence? On the other side of the fence resides the biggest, meanest looking bull you can imagine. The sign is intended to strike fear into the hearts of would-be trespassers. It reads: “Don’t attempt to cross this field
unless you can do it in 9.9 seconds. The bull can do it in 10 flat!” Don’t try to cross that field unless you are prepared! And isn’t that
the way it is in life? We have to be ready when the opportunity arises or else we will have little chance of success.

Sixth-grade schoolteacher Ms. Shelton believed in readiness. Students remember how she walked in on the first day of class and began writing words of an eighth-grade caliber on the chalkboard. They quickly protested that the words were not on their level and they couldn’t learn them.

Their teacher insisted that the students could and would learn these words. She said that she would never teach down to them. Ms. Shelton ended by saying that one of the students in that classroom could go on to greatness, maybe even be president some day, and she wanted to prepare them for that day.

Ms. Shelton spoke those words many years ago. Little did she know that someday one of her students – Jesse Jackson – would take them seriously (“Leadership,” Summer 1992). She believed that if they were well prepared, they could achieve high goals.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “People only see what they are prepared to see.” It’s also true that they only experience what they are prepared to experience.

“I want to be doing something more significant with my life than what I am doing now,” a young man once said to me. Others have lamented, “If only I were involved in a meaningful relationship.” And, “If only I could get a better job.” You fill in the blanks. What is it you would like to experience that seems to be eluding you? Perhaps the answer is that you are not yet ready. Maybe you need more time to prepare before you are truly ready for that which you desire.

Today is not wasted. If you desire more from life, then you can use today as training. For you will experience only what you are prepared to experience. Something wonderful can happen. In the meantime…prepare for that day!

©Steve Goodier

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