In this inspirational article, motivational author Steve Goodier shares a key piece of life wisdom about retaining our childlike wonder. Enjoy!

Two little children, a boy and a girl, walked hand-in-hand to their neighbor’s house. Standing on her tiptoes, the little girl was just able to reach the doorbell. A woman greeted them and asked what they wanted. “We’re playing house,” the little girl answered. “This is my husband and I am his wife. May we come in?”

Thoroughly enchanted by the scene confronting her, the lady said, “By all means, do come in.”

Once inside, she offered the children lemonade and cookies, which they graciously accepted. When a second tall glass of lemonade was offered, the little girl refused by saying: “No thank you. We have to go now. My husband just wet his pants.”

Many adults have forgotten what it is like to be a child. They forgot that they once believed the world to be full of magic, wonder and awe.
They don’t remember to take time for play and have forgotten how to feed their imaginations. For them, ordinary events are now all too
commonplace and the extraordinary cannot hold their attention for long. They are not too old to be “awe-struck”!

Does life still hold for you some remnant of magic? Today, you can rekindle that touch of wonder. It’s part of being fully alive!

©Steve Goodier

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