In this inspirational article, motivational author Steve Goodier shares a key piece of life wisdom about living life with faith. Enjoy!

The temporary church school teacher was struggling to open a combination lock on the supply cupboard. She thought that perhaps she’d forgotten the correct combination, so she went to the pastor’s study and asked for help.

The minister came into the room and began to turn the dial. After the first two numbers he paused and stared blankly for a moment. Then he lifted his eyes upward and whispered something too faint to be heard. He finally turned back to the lock, entered the final number and opened it.

The teacher was amazed. “I’m in awe at your faith, Pastor,”  she said.

“It’s really nothing,” he answered. “The number is taped to the ceiling.”

Of course, he still may have been a man of great faith. Or he may have been a man of little faith. For even a little faith can move a mountain-sized obstacle.

Often, if we just begin with a tiny bit of belief and fertilize it with desire, even some of the most impossible obstacles
imaginable can be surmounted and some of the most outlandish aspirations can be realized. Just a little belief, firmly held, can accomplish a great thing.

Many Warsaw Jews died during the German occupation of their city during World War II. But some survived, and some were sustained by faith. During those dark years, an unknown hand wrote this graffiti on a Warsaw ghetto wall:

I believe in the sun, even if it does not shine.
I believe in love, even if I do not feel it.
I believe in God, even if I do not see Him.

Faith, little or great, can make a big difference.

©Steve Goodier

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