In this inspirational article, motivational author Steve Goodier shares a key piece of life wisdom about finding the best in everyone. Enjoy!

A funny story, which seems to have stood the test of time is about two Catholics, Mike and Pat, who are drinking in a bar across the street from a house of prostitution. They are watching the customers come and go and notice that the minister of the local Methodist church rings the doorbell.

“Wouldn’t you know it,” says Pat, “those Methodists are all alike.”

Then they spot the pastor of the Lutheran church sneaking into the bordello.

“Can you believe those Lutherans?” Mike says. “They must be sex maniacs!”

The rabbi from the town’s synagogue is next to knock on the door and Pat comments, “Even the Jews are tempted by the flesh.”

Finally Father Riley, their parish priest, rings the doorbell. They watch in amazed silence.

Then Mike turns to Pat and says, “How sad. One of the girls must be sick.”

Though we laugh at Pat and Mike, don’t we too often judge some people by a harsher set of standards than others? We may sometimes look for and expect the worst from those of a different religion, a different political party, a different race or a different background. Perhaps without our even being aware, they are judged more severely than
folks more like “us.”

Then on the other hand, we may look for and expect the best from “our own.” A good solution is to be so busy finding the best in everybody that we have neither the time nor the heart to judge.

©Steve Goodier

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