Sunday, August 16, 2015
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Feeling like we belong to a “group” is something all human beings need in life, in one form or another. Feeling like a social outcast has powerfully negative outcomes and, believe it or not many are terrified of being socially rejected both consciously and unconsciously. No one wants to be picked last or be the unpopular kid. Life can be very cruel to outcasts. Our desires and expectations for our children to have friends or how they should make friends can be colored by our own fears, feelings and needs around this issue. One of the best ways to understand your core beliefs around... (Read More ...)

As parents we all want to raise our children to be responsible. The bottom line is that this does not happen without some sort of “game plan”. Please consider this, when we try to force and exert power, we are not guiding a child to WANT to be responsible. This is key. Forcing causes resistence and resentment. Eventually, a child will comply so he does not get into trouble with you but he will not learn why it is important to care about being responsible and he may not grow to WANT to become responsible. How many adults have you come across in your lifetime that resent or reject responsibility? Children... (Read More ...)

It’s that time of the year when our hearts seem to connect to and long for the idea of peace more than ever. Ironically, it is also a time when we are so busy that we sometimes forget to breathe. I know exactly how hard it is to take a few minutes; there is always something more important to do. We are so busy “doing” that we forget to nurture ourselves. We often fall prey to reactive behavior with our kids because we are frazzled and tired. Putting things into perspective requires that you connect to your inner source of peace and centre your “doing” around that.... (Read More ...)

Your relationship with your partner is the central hub from which your child’s experience of family flows. When you relationship is solid and there is communication, deep love, respect, openness co-operation and playfulness between you and your partner, even if your parenting skills are lacking your kids will be just fine. If you have the perfect parenting techniques down pact but your relationship with your partner is strained, inauthentic, non- communicative, judgmental, tempermental and where love is conditional, you will find that your children will not benefit as hoped from your skills... (Read More ...)

What is “real” communication”? So many experts have so many wonderful ideas about this. Primarily, it is my belief, that “real” communication takes place first in the energy that you walk into a conversation with. The moment another person is held in your gaze and they are giving you their attention, the frst thing that they are going to unconsciously scope out is what you “feel” like to them. This is instinct, we are hard-wred to do this as a survival mechanism. Notice I wrote, “they are giving you their attention” please note that this attention... (Read More ...)

Happy parents are not a strange alien race descended from the heavens. They’re just ordinary people who’ve got a head start on the antidote for parenting in a media driven, fast paced and increasingly materialistic world. This antidote is called conscious parenting. As a conscious parent there are some wonderful alternatives to stop children’s irritating behavior that are simple and effective and that you can begin using now. TIP 1: PLAN AHEAD For example, prepare your child for what is to come. If you are going on a road trip, instead of reading the riot act to your kids, help them mentally... (Read More ...)

A concerned mom recently asked me, “What do I tell my child when she comes to me and says things like, Mommy, I am fat?” This is an issue that plagues alot of young girls and the scary part is that the girls are getting younger that are asking these questions. Typically, a mom’s reaction to this is: “No honey you are not fat. Don’t be silly you are beautiful.” As much as you want to impress upon her how amazing she is and you want her to see how beautiful she is, through your eyes and your understanding, the above comment does very little to console your child. More... (Read More ...)

The Internet can be a dangerous place for young children and teenagers. It is rich and fertile ground for sexual predators to target kids-which is why it’s vitally important for parents and guardians to educate children about taking responsibility and being cautious and safe while navigating the Internet Super Highway. This article will address some of the dangers and offer some tips and advice for reducing the risks of your child falling victim to online sexual predators. Step 1 Look for these signs that your child is at risk of falling victim to an online sexual predator: * Spending too... (Read More ...)

Have you ever caught yourself saying something  to your child and remarking to yourself, “That sounded exactly like my mom (my dad)”.  Sometimes this is followed by a chuckle because we are reflecting the comfort and nurturing that we have experienced from the way that we were parented, other times we are mortified because we’ve repeated a way of being that we swore as young adults, we would never adopt. Right or wrong, good or bad is a lot less important than becoming aware of unconscious patterns. The more aware we become the easier it gets to make choices in the momentthat... (Read More ...)

From It’s never easy to get across the magnitude of complex tragedies — so when Brenda Brathwite’s daughter came home from school asking about slavery, she did what she does for a living — she designed a game. At TEDxPhoenix she describes the surprising effectiveness of this game, and others, in helping the player really understand the story. Brenda Brathwaite designs games that turn some of history’s most tragic lessons into interactive, emotional experiences.  (Read More ...)