Sunday, August 23, 2015
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A few months ago, my son and I were staying at my parents’ house. I was going to a retreat that weekend with my spiritual school. While i was gone, my son and parents would play together. The night beforehand, my father knew that the following day they would be going to a fun amusement park. He asked my son, “So what do you think we’re going to do tomorrow?” His response: “I don’t know. It’s a mystery.” My father followed up: “Well, what do you think we might do?” “I don’t know. We’ll find out.” I experienced gratitude in that moment because I knew my son understood,... (Read More ...)

Working in harmony with your kids = saving your sanity It is always a challenge for mothers who have children that are picky eaters. Moms of picky eaters tend to feel anxious from time to time and understandably so. We feel that it is our prime directive to make sure that our children eat healthy meals. We are hard wired to ensure human survival and food is one of the most basic of human necessities. When mothers speak to me about how they worry because their children won’t eat certain things, I can always feel the energy of anxiety creep into their voices and display itself in their body... (Read More ...)

So many parents that I talk with use the one size fits all “time out” method of correcting inappropriate behavior. Time out has been praised and celebrated as one of the best ways to get your children to reflect on their behavior and to stop “bad” behavior in its tracks. Lets take a closer look at what time out looks like from the perspective of the developing brain of a young child. Let’s walk in little footsteps for a moment. First, from our perspective: Your child behaves inappropriately, you give a warning and hope that your child corrects his/her behavior. Your... (Read More ...)

Even a few minutes a day of reflecting on your own peace or being inspired by words of peace, can help put your life situation into perspective. I know exactly how hard it is to take a few minutes; there is always something more important to do. We are so busy “doing” that we forget to nurture ourselves. We often fall prey to reactive behavior with our kids because we are frazzled and tired. Putting things into perspective requires that you connect to your inner source of peace and centre your “doing” around that. No one, who is lying on their death bed ever thinks, ”... (Read More ...)

Supporting Your Child To Succeed As parents we all want to raise resourceful, independent and successful children. We want to see our children thrive in the world and express their dreams in the reality that they are experiencing. A resourceful child is a confident child that has self affirming beliefs deeply in place. This is the seat and foundation of resourceful thinking. Discipline, self-reliance, perseverance, focus and the courage to take action are learned behaviors – so how do our children learn these behaviors? 1) We model these behaviors to them. This does not mean that you have... (Read More ...)

As parents, we all want our children to respect us. We work hard to ensure that our children have everything that they need and when we feel disrespected, sometimes it sends us reeling into reactive mode. In that state of reaction, we end up handing out punishment, usually in anger and frustration. Why wouldn’t a disrespected parent feel angry? Why wouldn’t we feel upset when one of our children stands up in defiance against a reasonable request? It is perfectly understandable. The only problem is that nine time out of ten, when we feel angry and really disrespected we fly into reactive... (Read More ...)

The back to school blues are not uncommon.  As the summer draws to an end, instead of dwelling on the end of the beautiful days of summer fun, start a tradition of focusing energies on the excitement of new and fresh possibilities. Get your child in a fresh state of mind that can ease  the anxiety of going back to school. Here are a few tips that you might like that can turn feeling sad into feelings  of anticipation and positive energy. 1) Connect with school buddies If your child has school friends that he has not seen  all summer, organize a playdate with some of these friends so your child... (Read More ...)

The dictionary defines vitality as: 1) Capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence: the vitality of an institution. 2) Power to live or grow: the vitality of a language. I would like to invite parents to consider what brings vitality to their families. How do we preserve what is meaningful and important and pass that onto our children? What can we do to ensure that future generations do not become drones in a society that tells them what to think, what is cool to wear, how to speak and that it is ok to be oblivious to the incredibly violent content in almost... (Read More ...)

If you’ve been looking for fun summer activities for your children read this great advice from a true parenting expert… Summer is for having fun and just being in a space of joy and laughter as you experience the abundance and “aliveness” of the natural world all around you. Summer also means that children are not actively engaging in structured exercises designed to stimulate their higher brain function. While we don’t want to bombard our kids with exercise books that require them to sit and write or learn about something mechanically-we can still engage their minds... (Read More ...)

As parents we are well aware of the myriad of responsibilities that are placed on us daily. On top of that we are also responsible for the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological well being of our children. All this responsibility comes with a certain amount of stress. Before long we begin to get used to our level of stress and treat it as “normal”. We were never meant to bear such stress upon ourselves and sometimes that stress begins to erode a parent’s joy for life and all the possibilities that are waiting to unfold. Stress can fuel reactive behavior, making it very... (Read More ...)