Sunday, August 16, 2015
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Have you been feeling a ‘tug at your soul’ lately? Have you been asking yourself questions like “why was I born?” and thinking “there must be more to life”, feeling that you are different than most people, that there “must be some greater purpose for my life”? These thoughts and feelings may just mean you are ready for what is called a Spiritual Awakening. Read this spiritual article to discover if you’re ready for next steps… How many times in your life have you felt at odds with the world? You know, that you are somehow different from,... (Read More ...)

“This is by far the most amazing and interesting interview I have ever done.” This is how Natalie Ledwell, founder of Mind Movies, one of the largest self-help/personal development websites on the Internet, introduced her second interview with Julian Kalmar, co-founder of Modern Day Mastery. If you’re in a hurry  you can watch the second interview here. What makes this special is that iconic names like Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf and Bob Doyle, stars from the iconic movie, “The Secret”, and many more renowned self-help experts have done interviews with... (Read More ...)