Monday, August 17, 2015
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In a world that is slowly awakening, we are being guided more than ever to trust our instinct or more accurately, to trust our intuition. How many times in your life have you decided not to do something your heart felt was the right choice but logic, or your head, stopped you? You might have regretted making such choices. Many of us need to learn how to trust our ‘gut’ and allow intuition to guide our lives. Today we add to the subject of teaching children life skills a lesson, in the form of a motivational children’s song, called Listen to Your Heart, written by Modern Day Mastery... (Read More ...)

In a world where we, as adults, so often are quick to judge, we need to be diligent to teach children about the harm of judging others. Judging is a root cause of bullying along with low self-esteem. We sadly see, almost daily, children commiting suicide because of bullying. We posted about teaching children self-worth earlier this week and today we add to the subject of teaching children life skills a lesson, in the form of a motivational children’s song, called The Beast, written by Modern Day Mastery co-founder, Rick Beneteau, and Larry Thompson in 1991. Please play this inspirational... (Read More ...)

Building a sense of self-worth in children is one of the primary roles of teachers and parents and one, unfortunately, that can get kicked to the side of the road as their role models struggle to navigate this crazy, busy life.  Instilling a sense of accomplishment in a child at an early age will pay big dividends later in life as they contribute to society and pass this life wisdom skill on to their children. Today, we add to the subject of teaching children life skills in the form of a motivational children’s song called Giving Your Love to the World, written by Modern Day Mastery co-founder,... (Read More ...)

Without a doubt there is much more awareness about self-esteem for children these days but our society as a whole is far from understanding how important it is for parents and teachers to help build a foundation of self-worth in children. Our flawed educational system is still focused on measuring academics as opposed to teaching children life skills – including teaching  self-love to children. Unfortunately, most parents don’t love themselves enough to be able to impart this kind of wisdom to their offspring. One thing both parents and teachers can do instill a sense of self-worth... (Read More ...)

Life is busy. No newsflash there. We all are blasted with the noise of life – jobs, meetings, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, newscasts and on and on. Instead of allowing our busyness to increase we should all be learning how to slow things down. Many of us are feeling burned out, and have become unhappy with the stresses we feel because we have never learned how to slow life down and stop to smell the roses as the cliche’ would have it. And you know what? We are teaching our children to live the same kind of stress-filled lifestyle! Click the little Play button below to hear an important... (Read More ...)