Wednesday, August 19, 2015
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This post and inspirational song first appeared in the 10 Million Clicks For Peace blog here. From the website: Together We Can Change the World, Inc (TWCCTW) played a major role in bringing over an African Youth Choir called SIFA. All of the children are AIDS orphans. The goal was to raise money for the children to take back to Uganda in order to finish building their orphanage and to build new homes for them to live in. Their six month tour was a tremendous success. Everywhere they went people just fell in love with them. A very good friend of TWCCTW, Mark... (Read More ...)

The Beatles had it right – All You Need is Love. In 1994, Modern Day Mastery co-founder, Rick Beneteau, wrote a song called Love is Always the Answer, and it speaks to how we all feel at times and wonder what to do when life becomes overwhelming. When we learn that when we come from a place of Love we are always surrounded by Love. When we learn to Trust, trust that all is as all needs to be at this moment, we discover a sense of inner peace and calm, and our stress can disappear. Click the Play button below to listen to Rick’s song. Lyrics appear below. Vocal by Joe Cardinal. Love... (Read More ...)

 A few days ago we posted an inspirational song about forgiveness. The concept of forgiveness in our lives is powerful to say the least, especially when we learn how to forgive ourselves. Enjoy this inspiring article about forgiveness by Steve Goodier: In his tape Living Faith (Random House Audio Books, 1996), President Jimmy Carter shares that forgiveness is fundamental to his life. He says that without the knowledge that he can be forgiven, it would be impossible for him to face his own shortcomings. This even includes forgiveness of himself. He relates that both he and his wife, Rosalynn, are... (Read More ...)

A question we have all asked ourselves is, How do I forgive? You might have even asked yourself, How do I forgive myself? These are among the most important questions we can ask ourselves and when we discover how to forgive we experience so much more peace and happiness in our lives. See, forgiveness is all about you. Many people think forgiving is all about letting someone ‘off the hook‘ but it’s not. Forgiveness is one of the highest forms of self-love as it lets you off the hook whereby you are no longer burdoned by the heavy weight of resentment and anger and become free... (Read More ...)

With over 12,000,000 YouTube views, this inspirational music video asks the question we all ask ourselves as we navigate our way through a world filled with war, injustice and needless human suffering – why is the world so screwed up? A line in the chorus asks, “is there something that I missed“? Tell Me Why is performed by a then 11 year-old Declan Galbraith, who has gone on to enjoy a modestly successful recording career, and the single peaked at #29 on the UK Singles Chart. What is most compelling about this inspirational song is that it comes from the crystal clear, innocent... (Read More ...)

The consciousness of the world is indeed evolving! There is a massive global shift as millions are finally realizing we are all connected as brothers and sisters on this planet… and we are all one! What happens to someone half way around the world happens to us all. Music is now being created that reflects this spiritual shift in the world but today’s inspirational music was written twenty-four years ago and reflects this growing universal desire to help others and heal the world. Many consider this to be a spiritual song because it’s all about lifting others in times of need... (Read More ...)