Monday, August 17, 2015
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“Anela en Rouge” (The Angel in Red) is a short, experimental dance documentary by Cara Myers of Vespera Films that tells a universal message about death in an emotionally driven, and uplifting way through dance. Nannette Rogers-Kennedy (a friend of 10 Million Clicks For Peace and Modern Day Mastery) shares the story of losing her mother, who before death, promises to come back to visit her as a Cardinal. Two weeks later, her mother keeps her promise in the most profound and undeniable way. Featuring music by renown British composer, Max Richter, who’s film work includes Ari Folman’s... (Read More ...)

One of the most inspirational movies ever made is “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith. Set in San Francisco in the 1980’s, it’s the real-life story of a homeless man who overcame all odds and rose from being a Dean Witter employee to founding his own brokerage firm while single-handedly raising his young son. This inspirational video contains one of the most touching movies scenes you’ll ever see. Enjoy!  (Read More ...)

This post appeared on the 10 Million Clicks For Peace blog here. Each September 21, the world celebrates Peace Day. This year’s theme is Education for Peace and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon offered this statement: “On this International Day of Peace, let us pledge to teach our children the value of tolerance and mutual respect. Let us invest in the schools and teachers that will build a fair and inclusive world that embraces diversity. Let us fight for peace and defend it with all our might.” In celebration of the International Day of Peace we share this inspirational video... (Read More ...)

Contemporary philosopher, Alan Watts, best known for bringing eastern philosophy to western culture, wrote 25 books, including The Way of Zen and Psychotherapy East and West. In this inspirational video, Alan passionately addresses the problem of generational unhappiness.  (Read More ...)

How many times have you heard the saying, “out of the mouths of babes“? It is the children of this world who will rise to clean up the environment, feed the starving children, save endangered species and stop wars and violence. Check out this totally into-it youngster as she passionately sings along with Michael Jackson’s Heal the World from the back seat of a car. The next time you see your child or grandchild tuning in to some music with a negative message, show them this inspiring video.  (Read More ...)

If you’re looking for a printable sympathy card, Modern Day Mastery co-founder Rick Beneteau’s “Legacy” might be a great alternative to the free greeting card sites you’ve been looking at. Rick’s touching poem and inspirational video have comforted many families at their time of need over the years. If you find “The Legacy You Leave” the perfect message for a grieving friend, click on the link at the bottom to download a printable PDF with our compliments. The Legacy You Leave All You will leave behind for the world to remember is  Your Legacy,... (Read More ...)

“I don’t have time for a stroke!” These were the words of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor who got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: she had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions — motion, speech, self-awareness — shut down one by one. An astonishing story as told in this Ted Talks inspirational video. The script of her presentation appears below the video. I grew up to study the brain because I have a brother who has been diagnosed with a brain disorder: schizophrenia. And as a sister and later, as a scientist, I wanted to understand,... (Read More ...)

Placing second in the AAPR [email protected] video contest the Lost Generation inspirational video has inspired 16,000,000 million viewers on it’s YouTube page let alone millions more on AARP television commercials. Cleverly written, a young girl begins narrating a very negative preview of the world she will live in in the future as her words scroll downward on the screen movie credit style. When she finishes her pessimistic predictions for the world the screen stops and reverses direction as she cleverly twists every statement to it’s opposite sentiment which spells out how the children will change... (Read More ...)

Brace yourself for some goosebumps after listening to the spiritual singing of Espen Lind (on guitar), Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes and Kurt Nilsen performing Leonard Cohen’s inspirational song, “Hallelujah”, appearing on the movie Shrek soundtrack and otherwise known as The Shrek Song. [youtube id=”cKKzLMKXr2w”]  (Read More ...)

Our fine, furry, four-legged therapy dog friends provide a valuable service to people in hospitals,  retirement and nursing homes, as well as in schools serving children with learning difficulties. You will also find these docile, affectionate animals in high-stress situations like earthquake, flood and tornado zones.  As you’ll see in this inspirational video, they are well known for reducing stress and anxiety in palliative patients. Allowing people unfamiliar to them to come into close physical contact, therapy dogs are much loved and admired for their friendliness, patience, gentleness... (Read More ...)