Monday, August 17, 2015
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Have you been feeling a ‘tug at your soul’ lately? Have you been asking yourself questions like “why was I born?” and thinking “there must be more to life”, feeling that you are different than most people, that there “must be some greater purpose for my life”? These thoughts and feelings may just mean you are ready for what is called a Spiritual Awakening. Read this spiritual article to discover if you’re ready for next steps… How many times in your life have you felt at odds with the world? You know, that you are somehow different from,... (Read More ...)

There’s plenty of buzz about “awakening” these days. Spiritual Awakening is what I’m referring to. People want to know how to become spiritual and how to develop spirituality. So let’s take a look at what spiritual awakening means? To me, spiritual awakening means arriving at a point in your life where you are open and receptive to learning how to become spiritual by becoming a lifelong student of all things greater than we are – the Universal truths that are waiting to be invited into our lives. My online spiritual program, Modern Day Mastery, received an email... (Read More ...)