You’re not alone in feeling the world is racing out of control in many negative ways, and you’re definitely not alone in wanting to play an active role in building the world anew, and we’re here to help.

Two years ago, Julian and I introduced a plan that accomplishes several things for those who yearn for the world to be a different place. This plan not only contibutes to solving the world’s problems, it builds your own life in highly personal and meaningful ways as well:

  • It allows you to embark on a journey that changes the way you make a living, converting your lost hours of “work” into passionate world-building creation that fills your life with deep meaning
  • It expands your experience of love…what love means, how to use it, how to live in this state, and how to heal with it
  • It guides you to your unique, personal plan for giving back in a way that is in perfect alignment with the resonances of your soul
  • It opens a door to greater spiritual connection — that sense of being at one with, and in harmony with, the Universe, and then…
  • It takes you on the ride of your life, expressing mastery in the world through some form of beauty that helps other people, other creatures, or the planet

If you explore no other path this year, find out why those who take up this adventure are so deeply grateful and so profoundly moved.

Disconnect yourself now from the noisy outer world, turn up your speakers, close your eyes and open your heart as Julian speaks to you about how you can build the beautiful future you dreamed of as a small child…

Explore how your life could be lived



You’ve always wanted to leave a lasting legacy to the world and the people you love…
Let the beauty of your soul shine forth into the world, and live the way your heart speaks.

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