Sunday, August 16, 2015
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The Founders

Julian Kalmar

Julian Kalmar, co-founder of Modern Day Mastery

How does a left-brained analytical physicist-at-heart from NASA (who modeled himself after Star Trek’s Mr. Spock) find himself delivering this warm-and-fuzzy Modern Day Mastery program with insights, wisdoms, and wit? This seemingly unlikely transformation from pocket-protector wearing geek just doesn’t seem possible.

The Universe had to take Julian on a journey through a serious spine injury and 5 spine surgeries before he finally awoke to his deeper self and deeper mission in the world.

Flat on his back, literally, for 3 painful years after his injury, Julian wrote and recorded his award-winning Happiness: The Highest Gift audio book in bed while other’s marveled at his lack of unhappiness.

Two years later, he and Rick Beneteau founded 10 Million Clicks For Peace. He then co-created the Movement of Change with Neale Donald Walsch, Robert Evans, Susan Buckley and Rick (again) as partners.

Now he and Rick are back with Modern Day Mastery because as Julian puts it, “…we’ll never have peace unless all of us are participating in the world in deeper ways…the ways of masters.”

 Rick Beneteau

Rick Beneteau, co-founder of Modern Day Mastery

If Rick’s name rings a quiet bell, it’s because he is affectionately remembered as one of the “grandfathers of Internet marketing”, creating some of the very first how-to-make-money-online products and affiliate programs in the mid-to-late 1990’s – when there were no marketing teachers. Many of today’s most successful Internet entrepreneurs owe part of their success to Rick.

After the horrific events of 9/11/01, Rick faded from the marketing scene devoting himself to, as he says, building people instead of building their businesses, compiling the first ever business-meets-spirituality eBook, the top-seller, Success: A Spiritual Matter, among other products.

In 2006, after ‘virtually’ meeting Julian Kalmar, the duo went on to found 10 Million Clicks For Peace, and now, the logical extension of the global peace education side of their organization, Modern Day Mastery. To this day, they have never met in person.

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